[tor-project] Notes from April 11 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Apr 12 06:38:59 UTC 2019

Notes for Apr 11 2019 meeting:

0) I had a good meeting with phw last week, to get him going on the new
anti-censorship team.
1) Need some Apple contacts? For making webkit adhere to Tor Browser
guidelines, or for helping get rid of the fake Tor Browsers on the app
store? [I think we do, at least if we have them we should give to
guardian project and mike tigas -isabela]
2) I keep encountering threat intelligence CTOs who admit that their
company's marketing team is misleading people about "the dark web" and
how it relates to Tor. It seems to me that we should be able to align
the incentives from the marketing teams better: all it takes would be
one of them realizing that they can differentiate themselves by pointing
out that "all the *other* ones are misleading you". Next possible steps
include doing a joint blog post with one company that wants to, and/or
doing a talk to an NYC-based threat intelligence company.
3) May 1 is the deadline for mainline Defcon talks. I am pondering
submitting one -- a retrospective of some sort maybe. A brainstorming
session seems smart.

1) follow up on sponsor 13 reporting.
2) worked over a summary from ideas for funding for grants strategy meeting.
3) looked at capacity for network team for the year.
4) follow up on tor-scalability (will open mailing list today)
5) started weekly syncs with phw

1) Work on Tor Browser 8.5
2) Helping OTF with proposal review and recommendations
3) Dealing with HackerOne bug bounties and additional HackerOne help
with out bug bounty program

1) team continues to be somewhat strained for resources, but great work
is still getting done.
2) I'll be off from next wednesday through the following monday (17th
through 22nd), though I could be available for meetings if really needed
and we schedule in advance.

1) Sponsor 27 organisation
2) Google Season of Docs
- started filling out application form
- working on fleshing out projects
- blog post
- recruiting mentors
3) New Website Launch Retrospective
4) Working on funding ideas for teams

1) Refining LFI curriculum
2) Making the public announcement about the new cohort soon
3) Still redesigning the website
4) Writing a piece on facial recognition for ALA Choose Privacy Week
5) Gus is traveling; we will go to Mexico together in May

1) Helped with irl’s and juga’s blog posts
2) Responded to inquiry about CIPA
3) Will be presenting at a cryptocurrency gathering (post Ethereal
Summit) doubling as a Tor fundraiser in NYC may 15. Gman will join me.
4) def con prep
5) Talking with a librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library about
possibly running a workshop or talk

1) I have been sick this week so I am behind on some things.
2) Catch up to do list, emails and meetings.
3) Plan on start inviting people on 'waiting list' of dev meeting invite
4) Plan to meet w/ Alison to kick off the process to organize the
schedule for the dev meeting.
5) Work on Sida phase3 plan and review proposal for general ops fund

1) More admin to finish up state registrations.
2) Sending out new welcome email to new email list subscribers. We are
now up to 45,424 people on the main email list.
3) Al submitted proposals for general operating funds from the CS Fund
and funds for ESR migration from Open Source Center.
4) Researching Handshake details
5) Postal letter to lapsed major donors and small foundations went out
last week.

1) General Accounting processes

1) General HR stuff

1) Decide how to proceed with TorDNSEL replacement:
a) our hope to upgrade the Haskell code from 7.6 to 8.0 did not work out;
b) the rewrite is at least a few weeks away if we want it to work properly;
c) the metrics team might take ownership of the oldstable VM from the
admins, but running machines is not what we're good at;
d) we could let it die and put up the replacement once we have it, even
though that will make at lot of people sad;
e) we get an extension for the shutdown as long as we make progress
(Brexit style);
f) do a quick-and-dirty thing (maybe exitmap + stem + some duct tape,
possibly leaving out the DNS server at the beginning) that keeps working
until we have the proper rewrite in place.

1) Coordinating user research in Colombia with Nah and Gus
2) Reviewing Caroline's report for Q1 user research
3) Preparing outreach material in Spanish to print for Colombia
4) website tickets triage, working on /download
5) S27 meeting, starting with O2A1
6) Following up with IFF people
7) Working on TB8.5 release
8) Working on OONI Explorer ux issues with Arturo
9) Reviewing community.torproject.org
10) Reviewed research.torproject.org with irl

1) Trying to organize next tor-scalability meeting
2) network team development
3) @steph: vanguards should be in the next debian/stable and debian
backports; I would like to do a blogpost and tweet when that happens.
Not sure if it will happen this week or next yet. [great, lmk when
you've got a draft -steph]

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