[tor-project] UX Team Report - May 2018

parinishtha yadav parinishtha07 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 11:42:32 UTC 2018

Antonela Debiasi:
> Hello Tor!
> The Community and the UX Team visited the beautiful Kampala last month. We met old and new Tor users from all over Uganda. Our experience with local communities allowed us to spread Tor's world there and helped us to talk directly with users to improve our product's usability. We ran Tor trainings, threat modeling, a user needs discovery activities and conducted user testing for the new browser's improvements. Thanks to our awesome community members who provided critical logistics and translation support. Juliet, Tayfor, Karen, Neema, and Robert thanks for making it possible!

This sounds very exciting. Awesome work! :)

> We were working hard with the Application Team for our next Tor Browser release both for desktop and mobile. Thanks to the development team, we have nightly builds running again. It will help us to start testing our collaborative user testing workflow where the people in our community can test specific UX improvements and report them directly to the UX team.

This in particular sounds very interesting to me. Would it possible
for different people all over the world to run the UX tests and
collect data from their local communities? How would this be
coordinated and how will the test statements be formulated? I think it
would be very cool if we can have a meeting around this in the
upcoming meetup!

> We were at Mozilla All Hands last week. We are collaborating to offer a better, private and safe browsing experience.
> On infra side, we started migrating the newsletter to Lektor and styleguide so it can be static. Also, the new support portal is about to launch at support.torproject.org, so stay tuned!
> On behalf of the Tor UX team,
> Antonela
> *Cool Things*
> - Hiro wrote about how you can browse the internet privately without corporate trackers lurking around you -> https://blog.torproject.org/dont-let-facebook-or-any-tracker-follow-you-web
> - We are preparing ourselves for Mexico Dev Meeting with a bunch of cool activities for Product, UX and UI designers who are going to be there!
> - "A lack of information often equates to a lack of control". Excellent article about system's feedback from NNGroup → https://www.nngroup.com/articles/visibility-system-status
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