[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 18 June 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Jun 19 11:50:00 UTC 2018


Status updates and news from Tor Browser land after the Mozilla All
Hands meeting got discussed yesterday at our weekly meeting. The chat
log can be found at:


The notes from our pad are:

Tor Browser Meeting Notes
Monday, June 18, 2018

    -"status:" update
    -Quo vadis sandboxing? [GeKo: sysrqb is updating the sandbox plans
he had and we get together on IRC to hammer out details]
    -Tracking issues in Trac
    -release preparations (blocker 1) and 2) from last week got solved,
no new ones showed up, only 3) is left for the alpha)
      -which UX features need to get into the first alpha

          - .onion padlock indicator

          - circuit display

          - Tor Browser icon update

     - about:tor without onboarding?

    -next meeting
    - sysrqb: Confirming, we should base TBA on 60ESR, yes? [GeKo: yes]
    - igt0: Thinking about TBA, are we going to release a new orbot
version as well? [GeKo: No, that's still the GuardianProject's job]
    - igt0: Service workers added lot of new APIs, I was not able to
find out tickets about it (a master ticket), Is someone taking a look?
[GeKo: We don't need that for now as service worksers are still disabled
in the ESR60, we have #15563 for general service workers related work]

  Last Week:
    - Finalized #26203, #26326, #26204, #25837 (Windows build issues;
merged) and prepared #23561 (NSIS 64bit) for review
    - Attended Summer Institute
  This Week:
    - Work on #26319 (Don't package up the whole Tor Browser in the
`mach package` step), #26251 (Adapt macOS snowflake compilation to new
    - I am offline on Wed June 20

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Triage some new/incoming tickets:
        - #26346 (Update prompt from 7.5.5 to the same version)
        - #26350 (MacOS Tor Browser cannot bind to port)
        - #26375 (On Mac, cannot have Tor Browser and Tor Browser Alpha
side by side)
        - #26381 (about:tor page does not load on first start in
localized Windows bundle)
    - Helped with #26045 (Create a new MAR signing key for ESR60)
    - Helped with #26355 (Make sure only Windows users on Windows7+ are
trying to use Tor Browser based on ESR60
    - Completed review for #23247 (Communicating security expectations
for .onion).
    - Continued with #22074 (Review Firefox Developer Docs and
Undocumented bugs since FF52esr).
  This week:
    - Continue with #22074 (Review Firefox Developer Docs and
Undocumented bugs since FF52esr).
        - This is going slowly, so we are trying to find a way to speed
up the review.
    - #26381 (about:tor page does not load on first start in localized
Windows bundle) GeKo: Do you want us to work on this ticket? [Please go
ahead, I probably won't get to it, GeKo]

    Last week:
        - At Mozilla All-Hands
        - Participated in conversations about Firefox sandboxing
        - Learned about Mozilla's plans for Firefox/Gecko on Android
        - Many more things
    This week:
        - Push Tor Browser 60ESR branch with TBA patches for review
        - Work on cross-platform Tor Browser sandboxing plan
        - Begin auditing code for proxy-safety (#21863)

    Last week:
        -made progress on the network audit (#22176)
        -help with the Windows nightly builds (we seem to be good here
now as well)
        -went over the UX tickets relevant for tor browser 8
        -fixed up my rustc ticket (#26329) and some other small stuff
(#23231, #26304)
        -reviews (#26329, #25837, #26203, #23247, #26396)
    This week:
        -fix for #26362 (create old-style MAR files)
        -test Mozilla fixes for bug 1413868 and 1421081, possible
backport of a crash bug fix
        -continuing network audit (#22176)
        -release preparations and building/signing releases

    Last week:
        - Tested torbutton with FF60
        - started investigating strategies to detect APK tampering.
(Since we are going to allow the user to install from different places
    This week:
        - Define and implement update strategy(ies) for TBA (#26242)
        - Consider different installation methods (#26318)

    Last week:
        - reviewed some patches:
            - #26329: Fix Rust cross-compilation for 32bit Windows
            - #26203: Adapt tor-browser-build firefox and tor-browser
project for ESR 60 Windows build
            - #26304: Update zlib to latest version
            - #23231: Error in STL wrappers when building Firefox 64-bit
for Windows
            - #26250: Bump Rust version to 1.26.1
            - #23561: Fix nsis builds for Windows 64
        - made patches for:
            - #26354: Make sure only Linux users with SSE2 support are
trying to use Tor Browser based on ESR60
            - #26370: Don't copy msvcr100.dll and libssp-0.dll twice
            - #26206: Ship pthread related dll with tor
            - #26396: libwinpthread we ship in Windows builds is not
built reproducible
    This week:
        - help building the new releases
        - doing some reviews
        - plan travel for mexico meeting
        - continue investigating build issue with #12968 (HEASLR)
        - fill upstream binutils ticket for #26148
        - continue work on some ansible roles for testsuite VMs setup

    Last week:
        - Mozilla All-Hands
        - patch for #26039 (extension-overrides.js no long being a thing
in ESR60)
    This week:
        - fix up #23247 (onion lock icons) with final bits of feedback
        - verify #26039 fix works
        - go through the outreachy intern's issues spreadsheet
        - #26355

    Last week:
        - Mozilla all hands meeting
        - Worked on reviewing HTTP/2 code including origin frames and AltSvc
   This week (as described last time):
       - Help with build as needed
         - Finish a patch for https://trac.torproject.org/25555
(reimplement optimistic socks)
        - HTTP/2, https://trac.torproject.org/14952
        - Other needed alpha/ff60-esr tickets:
https://trac.torproject.org/21785, https://trac.torproject.org/26321,


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