[tor-project] 'How to Run a Relay' Brochure/Flier

George george at queair.net
Wed Jan 10 20:04:00 UTC 2018

Tom Ritter:
> I think we should make one. It'll be useful at Defcon, HOPE, and a
> bunch of other places.

Oh, yes.  MakerFaire (EFF table).. this list could get very long.

> I'm hoping Alison/the community team thinks this is a good idea and
> can assist me in making sure it dovetails with the rest of their
> efforts in https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24497
> What I probably _can't_ do is graphically design it in a way that
> meshes well with any other materials we have. I talked with Steph in
> December, she may be interested in this?
> I've started a pad to start this process and cover what I think should
> be contained: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/kOwybHn5VZdMRDm1L-kQg6P-DMC3G2w0Zn5XLQ1ZRjV

Cool.  I'm on it now.

> We have to fit everything on front-and-back on a standard 8.5x11"
> sheet so we'll have to make some tough decisions about what we include
> and what we don't, but this is a start.

Er, maybe A4, Letter, etc. for portability sake?

I brought this up on irc recently, but I think the FAQ and related
documents can maybe start reflecting some of the recurring questions at
the meetup-type events (NYC, Athens at this point AFAIK).

I have my notes from Dec 7 still, and will work through them, but with
the newscycle at least implicitly being relevant to the TP on occasion,
the nature of questions will change.

Off the top of my head, even if included in the FAQ already, include:

* is it illegal to run an exit| run a relay?

* will my ISP care if I run a relay?

* bandwidth accounting usage-related

* hardware recommendations

* colo/vps recommentations

Over to storm. now..



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