[tor-project] July spreadsheet: users queries, demands, and issues

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Fri Aug 17 08:50:00 UTC 2018

> Hi everybody,
> As many of you know, I've been gathering, for the last for 3 months,
> issues, comments, demands, and suggestions from different sources like
> IRC channels, blog comments, Stack Exchange, Tor and Tails
> Reddit, RT, Facebook, and  Twitter.
> During these months, I noticed that there are multiple users reporting
> of the same issues, the number #1 are connection problems in TBB alpha
> and unstable version (7.5.6 & 8.09): "TOR unexpectedly exited"  "It is
> not working"  "Fail to connect" and so on, mostly in Windows 10.  Also,

I guess that's mainly due to some snakeoil interfering with Tor Browser.
:( Do we have some feedback channel to those (or essentially any) users
to get back to them suggestions we have?

> there are lots of users concern is if is safe to use Tor in Windows.
> You can check the July spreadsheet here:
> https://ethercalc.org/fk4bgj7ntrbj 
> A curious fact,  seems (there's no way to know for sure)  that many more
> men than women make questions, looking for answers, ask for help... in
> the monitored channels.
> Please feel free to reach me out if you have feedback, comments or
> something else.

Could we get a mapping from the entries we have in support portal/FAQs
to specific items in the spreadsheet? While looking over it it occurred
to me that we already have a bunch of entries covering items in it.
Doing this mapping would give us some hint on where we are failing with
reaching our users with that information (and we could start thinking
about how to fix that).

Additionally, what is the best way to amend the report with information
we as developers have? E.g. the facebook opening issue might be #25735
(which should be fixed in the upcoming alpha release) and "noscript is
not working on windows in tor browser-alpha" is #26506.


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