[tor-project] July 2018 report for the ux team

Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Thu Aug 9 19:13:25 UTC 2018

Hello Tor!

You'll find the highlights of Tor UX team work done in July 2018.

## Tor Browser Onboarding and about:tor Page

We have been working closely with the Tor Browser team to have our new
about:tor and onboarding user flow ready to test for next TB8 and TBA
Alpha releases.

We thought of each step of this onboarding as a possibility of learning.
When a new user opens Tor Browser for the first time, we have the
opportunity to explain how we are protecting them. Describing it in
plain words is the best way to introduce the technology and the complex
concepts it carries around.

On Isabela's words: "The onboarding experience on the product should be
to teach the user about the product, so they have a glance of what to
expect out of their investment (investment here is the act of finding
it, installing, opening it). It is the moment where you present the
value proposition of our product to the user. In our case, Tor Browser
is considered to be the highest standard to do what it does in
comparison with what is out there in the market."

You can read more about this process here:

## Tor Browser Icon
We are changing visual elements related to Tor Browser's image for a new
release scheduled later this year, and we want to come up with a concept
that resonates with our users and community. To inform our efforts, we'd
like to know what Tor Browser means to you. So, what does Tor Browser
mean for you? We want to hear your feelings!
We will be collecting community feedback for the following weeks here:

Are you a designer or someone opinionated about product logos? Follow
this trac ticket and braindump your ideas!

## User Testing Reports
Helen has been reporting the last user testing we did once back in
India, Spain, Uganda, and Colombia.
Take a look here! This work is still in progress and we will review them
with devs during our next Dev meeting.

## Support Portal
The Support Portal has been launched last month, but we still need
translators to help us to reach the Tier1 languages. Do you want to help us?

We changed our UX Team meeting time. You are welcome to join us on
Tuesdays at 1400 UTC in #tor-meeting :)

On behalf of the Tor UX team,

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