[tor-project] Coordination / booth for 34c3

Maria Xynou maria at openobservatory.org
Fri Nov 10 09:21:20 UTC 2017

OONI has registered an assembly:

Please note that the deadline to register assemblies is in 5 days, on
15th November.

If there is interest to host a joint OONI-Tor assembly, please let us
know (we can edit the description of the assembly, and coordinate on
logistics and activities). Otherwise, please register the Tor assembly
by the deadline.

This year the 34c3 will have "Orbits": bigger (thematic?) clusters that
consist of multiple assemblies each. Currently there are only 2
registered orbits:

We are thinking of potentially hosting an "Internet Freedom"/"Digital
Rights" Orbit, which includes the assemblies of projects working on
digital rights/internet freedom. This could be a good place to have
assemblies like OONI, Tor, GlobaLeaks, EFF, EDRI, Amnesty International,
etc together, in the same space.

Is there interest for such an orbit? If so, please get in touch asap so
that we can coordinate accordingly.



On 09/11/2017 22:27, Fabio Pietrosanti - Lists wrote:
> Consider that there will be an EFF and EDRi assembly too, Ccing 34c3
> EDRi mlist.
> Stay all close-nearby would be neat!
> -naif
> On 09/11/2017 21:42, Roger Dingledine wrote:
>> Hi folks! 34c3 is getting closer, and I know a bunch of Tor people
>> are considering going.
>> (A) If you don't have lodging figured out, do it ASAP or earlier. There
>> are not as many options in Leipzig as there were in Hamburg.
>> (B) I hear that OONI is planning to have a real-live booth and assembly
>> area. It would be awesome to get more Tor people than that, and turn it
>> into a broader Tor booth, with swag and people to answer questions and
>> so on. If you want to help there (like commit to working some hours at
>> the booth), let us know.
>> (C) If you are hoping that Tor will help pay for your travel, be sure
>> to ask travel at tpo soon. I think Shari is (rightly) hesitant about paying
>> for travel for a bunch of Tor people to "just go and hang out", so the
>> more specific you can be about planned activities and how they will
>> benefit Tor, the better that will go.
>> --Roger
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