[tor-project] An update on teams roadmaps coordination

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Thu Nov 9 21:41:57 UTC 2017

Hello Tor!

I am happy to share some updates on how we are trying to better
coordinate communication between teams, specially related to the work
each team is doing.

At Montreal I was in the laptop sitting at the inter-teams communication
session where this was raised as a pain point, and it has been raised
before as well in other conversations.

So right after Montreal I suggested to Vegas leads to started a process
for reviewing each other roadmaps and to acknowledge dependencies other
teams might have on your team to better coordinate this collaboration
between teams.

This pad contains the outline of this plan:

Last Friday, Nov 3rd, we had a meeting with all the teams leads (and
others) for the first 'check in' about each others roadmaps.

We organized questions for each team roadmap in another pad (
) and if you have one you can add yours there. But please make sure to
ping the teams directly about it too. Otherwise they might miss it! :)

This was just the kick off of the conversation. At this meeting we
didn't had 2 roadmaps: UX Team roadmap and Service roadmap.

Those are now integrated and we are already in touch with other teams
about collaborating on projects etc.

After November 17 - when this chat/coordination phase is over. We will
continue with progress check-ins to make sure coordination is happening
during execution phase as well. I will organize those too.

The goal is to do something like this after each Tor Meeting.

So in short the cycles would be:

- At Tor Meeting teams meet and build roadmaps
- After Tor Meeting we start this process
- Once the 'acknowledging phase' and 'dependencies check in' is done we
enter execution phase
- We do periodically check ins during execution phase to learn about
delays or road blocks
- Next Tor Meeting is arriving, we do the balance of what we have
finished, what we will carry on and start selecting tasks for the next
roadmap we will be building at the next Tor Meeting.

Not saying this is perfect, we will learn as we go. But at least now we
have a process to use and modify.

Here is a bonus for those who read so far:) a quick direct link to each
team roadmap :P


Tor Browser:







ps: Some of these spreadsheets was created as copies from the original
team roadmap to be easy to consume and review.

So, over time they might not stay updated. Please ask the teams directly
for more information on their roadmaps like 3 months from now :P

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