[tor-project] Coordination / booth for 34c3

Fabio Pietrosanti - Lists lists at infosecurity.ch
Thu Nov 9 21:27:19 UTC 2017

Consider that there will be an EFF and EDRi assembly too, Ccing 34c3
EDRi mlist.

Stay all close-nearby would be neat!


On 09/11/2017 21:42, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Hi folks! 34c3 is getting closer, and I know a bunch of Tor people
> are considering going.
> (A) If you don't have lodging figured out, do it ASAP or earlier. There
> are not as many options in Leipzig as there were in Hamburg.
> (B) I hear that OONI is planning to have a real-live booth and assembly
> area. It would be awesome to get more Tor people than that, and turn it
> into a broader Tor booth, with swag and people to answer questions and
> so on. If you want to help there (like commit to working some hours at
> the booth), let us know.
> (C) If you are hoping that Tor will help pay for your travel, be sure
> to ask travel at tpo soon. I think Shari is (rightly) hesitant about paying
> for travel for a bunch of Tor people to "just go and hang out", so the
> more specific you can be about planned activities and how they will
> benefit Tor, the better that will go.
> --Roger
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