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Farhān ibnabdalkareem at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 19:37:09 UTC 2020

Hi Kevin,

I did set HiddenServicePort 80 localhost:8080 specifically for Mediawiki, running with apache2 webserver.

Although the service worked as expected on localhost, I was unable to send it over .onion. And setting HiddenServicePort 80 localhost:80 gave the standard apache2 configuration webpage, the module for which I have since disabled

I'll try the configuration you suggested early tomorrow and check the results.


On 4 August 2020 12:33:31 am IST, Kevin Kandlbinder <kevin at kevink.dev> wrote:
>Hello Farhān,
>You might not necessarily need a script for that, you can simply define
>multiple hidden services in your tor config.
>The only thing you need to do the following in your config (Note you
>also open multiple ports):
>*HiddenServiceDir*  /path/to/dir/1
>*HiddenServicePort*  80 8080
>*HiddenServiceDir*  /path/to/dir/2
>*HiddenServicePort*  80 8081
>*HiddenServicePort*  22 2222
>This will make your tor generate 2 hidden services, one with it's 
>hostname found at /path/to/dir/1/hostname and one at 
>/path/to/dir/2/hostname. In this example the first service would accept
>traffic on port 80 and direct it to port 8080 of your host machine and 
>the second would do the same but also forward port 22 to port 2222 of 
>your host.
>You may also want to put an nginx in front of your apps to act as a 
>reverse proxy, so you can map different services to different 
>directories, but there are a lot of tutorials for that out there, so I 
>won't go into detail about that.
>*Kevin Kandlbinder*
></kevin at kevink.dev <mailto:kevin at kevink.dev>/>
>Am 03.08.2020 um 19:13 schrieb Farhān:
>> Hi all,
>> Are there any known scripts(.sh /.py etc) that could help me setup 
>> multiple .onion services on a single machine?
>> Something like pagekite can potentially help, except of course for 
>> onion services.
>> My aim is to setup a xmpp instance, a WriteFreely instance and a 
>> mediawiki site ultimately.
>> Regards,
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