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Kevin Kandlbinder kevin at kevink.dev
Mon Aug 3 19:03:31 UTC 2020

Hello Farhān,

You might not necessarily need a script for that, you can simply define 
multiple hidden services in your tor config.

The only thing you need to do the following in your config (Note you can 
also open multiple ports):

*HiddenServiceDir*  /path/to/dir/1
*HiddenServicePort*  80 8080

*HiddenServiceDir*  /path/to/dir/2
*HiddenServicePort*  80 8081
*HiddenServicePort*  22 2222

This will make your tor generate 2 hidden services, one with it's 
hostname found at /path/to/dir/1/hostname and one at 
/path/to/dir/2/hostname. In this example the first service would accept 
traffic on port 80 and direct it to port 8080 of your host machine and 
the second would do the same but also forward port 22 to port 2222 of 
your host.

You may also want to put an nginx in front of your apps to act as a 
reverse proxy, so you can map different services to different 
directories, but there are a lot of tutorials for that out there, so I 
won't go into detail about that.

*Kevin Kandlbinder*
</kevin at kevink.dev <mailto:kevin at kevink.dev>/>

Am 03.08.2020 um 19:13 schrieb Farhān:
> Hi all,
> Are there any known scripts(.sh /.py etc) that could help me setup 
> multiple .onion services on a single machine?
> Something like pagekite can potentially help, except of course for 
> onion services.
> My aim is to setup a xmpp instance, a WriteFreely instance and a 
> mediawiki site ultimately.
> Regards,
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