[tor-dev] PrivCount - Draft of secret-sharing specification

Carolin Zöbelein contact at carolin-zoebelein.de
Thu Sep 28 03:20:39 UTC 2017


> Hi,
> This looks like a great overview of the Shamir secret-sharing
> protocol.
> We talked about instantiating it with unsigned 64-bit integers on
> IRC.
> It would be easier for me to understand it (and for someone to code
> it).
> This would also help us define an interchange format, or modify the
> prop 280 interchange format to support secret sharing.
> For hints about how this works, look at proposal 280, which also uses
> unsigned 64 bit integers.
> Tim

I will work on this and the long list of still open TODOs in the
proposal, the next days. Hence please have a look at


for changes, from time to time.

I will be around at irc, too ;).

Btw, should I also create a ticket for this proposal for important
topic discussions?


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