[tor-dev] Summer 2017 Internship to Create a Bridge Bandwidth Scanner

meejah meejah at meejah.ca
Fri Jun 16 02:20:51 UTC 2017

Damian Johnson <atagar at torproject.org> writes:

> Maybe python3's asyncio (the builtin which seems intended to replace
> twisted) has better options. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if what
> Twisted provides is better than the builtins we had on python 2.7.

I don't think asyncio is "intended" to replace Twisted (even if it took
a lot of inspiration from it). Twisted will be around for a while yet --
and supports Python3, including the "async def" and "await" syntax
sugar. Hawkowl did a talk on this topic last year:


There's no built-in SOCKS5 support in Twisted proper, but there's
txsocksx which is very good (although it lacks Python3 support). Because
of the latter, txtorcon now has its own "sans-io" style SOCKS5
implementation (with the custom Tor opcodes as well) which supports
Python3 as well as of course Python2 and PyPy.

So, you can do async DNS (at least A and PTR lookups) via tor + txtorcon



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