[tor-dev] Summer 2017 Internship to Create a Bridge Bandwidth Scanner

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Thu Jun 15 23:09:27 UTC 2017

> The last example on the page it seems like you're just "really hoping"
> that the next stream to open is the one you want to map onto the new
> circuit, or am I missing something?

Hi meejah. Yup, you're right. To keep things simple it's just
attaching the next stream. If you were using your tor client for other
things too this wouldn't be a safe assumption and the caller would
need additional checks that it's the stream they want.

Python's builtin connection modules really suck, hence our need for
SocksiPy or PycURL. Maybe python3's asyncio (the builtin which seems
intended to replace twisted) has better options. I certainly wouldn't
be surprised if what Twisted provides is better than the builtins we
had on python 2.7.

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