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chloe chloe at chloe.re
Mon Jun 27 13:05:29 UTC 2016

## RelayAwards"RelayAwards is a competition for Tor-relay operators!
Compete against
your friends, your family or why not yourself?" - We started this
website because we believe that competition can make more operators
improve their relay by following best practice. This would make the
whole Tor-network better if we have straight guidelines.

We are planning to develop RelayAwards. We have come far but have many
things in out head that we want to implement. Everything is open source
and we gladly receive issues via github!

    https://www.relayawards.com/ and http://relaynhjfhqigvmm.onion/
    maintainer: chloe (@dotchloe)

Kind regards,

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