[tor-dev] Get Stem and zoossh to talk to each other

Philipp Winter phw at nymity.ch
Wed Jul 29 01:48:56 UTC 2015

On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 07:30:02PM -0400, l.m wrote:
> What you need is to properly define this domain-specific language
> using a context-free grammar. Then it doesn't matter how you parse the
> data, or what language, and the semantic analysis phase can be mapped
> to a variety of analysis/viz tools from SciPy to R.

I think I wasn't clear in my previous email, sorry for that.  I want the
DSL to be internal, with Python as host language, which means that I
don't have to design a language from scratch.  The DSL part is really
just a set of Python methods (and perhaps redefined operators) to
intuitively interact with objects.  Therefore, I'm looking into ways to
get these objects into the Python interpreter as efficiently as


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