[tor-dev] Get Stem and zoossh to talk to each other

l.m ter.one.leeboi at hush.com
Wed Jul 29 15:10:21 UTC 2015

Hi again,

So it's really not a domain specific language at all then? You can do
that without a specific parser and without stem. Just feed the data
subset into your favorite analysis tool. Stem, and parsers by
themselves are basically useless for analysis. Without an integrated
method of performing semantic analysis (specific to the data) you end
up with excessive implementation complexity and exponential processing
time for even trivial tasks.

You can get the data there fast, sure, but parsing is inherently naive
for all data types. The gold standard for efficiency is measured in
automata based recognition. To my knowledge none of the parsers do
this, so none can be considered efficient. Even if they did though it
wouldn't matter. Semantic analysis is hard. So even if the parsers
were realized ideally, and you had your pick of the best, the
processing would still end up being exponential. Just some food for

In any case, good luck, and I'll probably bring this up at some future
measurement team meeting.


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