[tor-dev] Scaling Tor Metrics, Round 2

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Sat Dec 12 08:03:15 UTC 2015

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On 09/12/15 18:18, Spencer wrote:
> Hi,

Hello Spencer,

>> Karsten Loesing: I'm not really worried about server load.  At
>> least this hasn't been an issue with the current Metrics
>> website.
> Word.
>> There are indeed great visualizations out there
> If you know of anyone dedicating their life to dataviz, please
> point, as it seems David McCandless is the only one going this
> hard, and I am always on the look out for some fresh illness.

Ah, I wasn't referring to anyone specifically.  I'm also a fan of
David McCandless' work and have his book on the shelf here. :)  (Next
to the wonderful books of Edward Tufte and the great ggplot2 book of
Hadley Wickham.)

>> having to go back to the server for each change ... is really
>> uncool.
> I agree.  However, given the challenges touched on so far, it seems
> that a reasonable resolution may be to select the data points and
> jump offline (or into some sandbox) and go to town on all kinds of
> combos.

Can you elaborate on that?

>> Not if we want to build tools for more than a handful of people.
>> :)
> It is unclear what you mean.  Most devices can process the data, I 
> presume, and usability is okay with using downloads in 'Work
> Offline' mode.  I am not sure what issue you are referring to :(
> Though I am all for the one-stop-shop, it seems that a feed of all
> the updated data upon request, to be processed at will, might be a
> nice way to do this :)
> Food for thought.

It might well be that we're talking about different things.  When you
said offline I was thinking of somebody downloading a tool, like a
Python script, to process data outside of the browser.  That's what I
meant by building tools for a handful of people.  I think if it
requires more than the browser, hardly anybody will use it.

But it seems you're talking about something different, right?  Curious
to learn more.

All the best,

> Wordlife, Spencer
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