[tor-dev] Scaling Tor Metrics, Round 2

Spencer spencerone at openmailbox.org
Wed Dec 9 17:18:44 UTC 2015


> Karsten Loesing:
> I'm not really worried about server load.  At least this hasn't been
> an issue with the current Metrics website.


> There are indeed great visualizations out there

If you know of anyone dedicating their life to dataviz, please point, as 
it seems David McCandless is the only one going this hard, and I am 
always on the look out for some fresh illness.

> having to go back to the server for each
> change ... is really uncool.

I agree.  However, given the challenges touched on so far, it seems that 
a reasonable resolution may be to select the data points and jump 
offline (or into some sandbox) and go to town on all kinds of combos.

> Not if we want to build tools for more than a handful of people. :)

It is unclear what you mean.  Most devices can process the data, I 
presume, and usability is okay with using downloads in 'Work Offline' 
mode.  I am not sure what issue you are referring to :(

Though I am all for the one-stop-shop, it seems that a feed of all the 
updated data upon request, to be processed at will, might be a nice way 
to do this :)

Food for thought.


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