[tor-dev] Tor on the Beaglebone Black

Gordon Morehouse gordon at morehouse.me
Sun Sep 22 05:41:43 UTC 2013

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Joshua Datko:
> I've been running a relay on a Beaglebone black for about two
> weeks now and I'm wondering where to take this thing.  The
> Beaglebone black is a 1GHz armhf System on a Chip, with 512 MB RAM.
> At the moment, it's a dedicated relay running Ubuntu (raring) but
> Debian is equally as easy to setup.  I have a post with very basic
> installations: http://datko.net/2013/08/24/beagleboneblacktor/
> So, what next?  I looked at the torrouter project and I think I
> would have to probably have to redo the roadmap to suit the
> Beaglebone. Also, there is only one onboard NIC, so I'm not sure if
> that's a show stopper.  I was going to do a fresh install of
> Debian, install Tor and then build an image so that it could be
> booting (or flashed to the eMMC) from a SD card, but wether that's
> better than installing tor oneself, I don't know.
> Anyway, just throwing an idea out there.  Thanks everybody for the 
> work on tor and I'm happy to be running a relay now.

As you've seen on tor-relays, I'm experimenting with Tor on a Pi (as
are others) and I'm starting to gather together what little I've
got[1].  I call it Cipollini (Italian for "little onions" and likely
available at your grocer).

If you're interested in doing this for BeagleBone, let me know.

I also have some CubieBoard 2 systems.

The "release goal" if this were an Agile project would be a
plug-and-forget distro image that can be written to a microSD card
that's plugged into a Pi, Beagle or Cubie2.  It in turn fires up a web
app for configuration and monitoring and, with a few clicks from the
user on a web wizard, launches a Tor relay node which takes extreme
measures to not interfere with household bandwidth use.  As such, the
cipollini (little onions) can be forgotten on home broadband
connections, gathering dust, relaying traffic, and strengthening Tor.

There is a tsunami of little ARM boards coming to market.  Dual and
quad core will shortly be the norm.  It'd be nice to have some stuff,
buildable to complete and properly dependent .debs so it's easily
absorbable by the rest of the Debian lineage, together by maybe mid
next year.  My spare time is limited.  But if that's done, there'll be
a lot more people willing to submit pull requests for ARM Board Foo if
there's something they can start from.

1. https://github.com/gordon-morehouse/cipollini

- -Gordon M.



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