[tor-dev] Tor on the Beaglebone Black

Joshua Datko jbdatko at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 03:38:33 UTC 2013

I've been running a relay on a Beaglebone black for about two weeks
now and I'm wondering where to take this thing.  The Beaglebone black
is a 1GHz armhf System on a Chip, with 512 MB RAM.  At the moment,
it's a dedicated relay running Ubuntu (raring) but Debian is equally
as easy to setup.  I have a post with very basic installations:

So, what next?  I looked at the torrouter project and I think I would
have to probably have to redo the roadmap to suit the Beaglebone.
Also, there is only one onboard NIC, so I'm not sure if that's a show
stopper.  I was going to do a fresh install of Debian, install Tor and
then build an image so that it could be booting (or flashed to the
eMMC) from a SD card, but wether that's better than installing tor
oneself, I don't know.

Anyway, just throwing an idea out there.  Thanks everybody for the
work on tor and I'm happy to be running a relay now.


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