[tor-dev] Mike's June 2012 Status Report

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Tue Jul 10 22:39:07 UTC 2012

I fixed the following bugs in June:

Exec Summary of Trac Tickets:

I reviewed WebGL for fingerprinting issues as well as reviewed a
rendering-based fingerprinting vector and produced plans for next
steps/defenses on both fronts. I rebased our Firefox patches to both
10.x-ESR and 13.0, and wrote a script to immediately alert us of new
releases via email. I spent some time shepherding a Windows TBB patch by
Shondoit. I also commented a whole bunch of Torbutton code with priority
levels so that it may be ported over to Proxy Mobile or eliminated. The
future will run on a Proxy Mobile derivative.

Nick and I also worked on a Tor patch to help Tor clients defend against
"path bias"/"route capture" attacks, but we still need to tune the
parameters more. 

Non-trac tasks:

I made some progress on determining how to set optimal parameters for the
"path bias"/"route capture" defense (ticket #6138). I wrote a python
simulation and determined next steps (12 points, development).

I finished up the Tor core interview process by sending out "rejection"
letters suggesting specific areas where the applicants could apply their
skills in potential future positions at Tor, and at least volunteer in
those areas in the meantime (5 points).

I spent an unsettling amount of time on email, coordination, and general
conspiracy. It seems to have gone up from last month to about 8
points/week this month. (32 points).

I spent a day and some change with the EFF and working on HTTPS-Everywhere
issues (6 pts, development).

I did some postmortem on our first volunteer QA run, replying to results
and filing tickets about potential future tests. More postmortem is
needed.  Hopefully I can get to it before the next TBB release. (1

Time Keeping Notes:

I did 31 points of trac-recorded development activity this month, in
addition to 18 more points of development on tickets not yet closed, for
a total of 49 points of development activity. I did 38 points of
non-development work this month. A bit more sane ratio than last month,
but man is email a time sink.

Trac Workload Stats:

I only closed 7 tickets of priority major and above in June. Sad. At the
beginning of June, 50 major+ tickets were opened against me. As of this
report, 54 major+ tickets are now opened against me. This means I've
lost roughly 4 months of forward progress against major issues (I had
previously been closing about 1 major+ ticket more per month than were
opened against me).


Next month:


Exec Summary:

I'm going to throw much less on the queue ahead of time this month, due
to a week being lost to fascistly shitty Internet access (yes,
fascistly. Adverbing is the new new hotness now. Verbing is so OVER)
during the dev meeting in Italy, as well as last month seeing way less
closed tickets than expected. There's also a lot more conspiring to be
done, as it turns out.

Mike Perry
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