[tor-dev] Mike's May 2012 Status Report

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Tue Jul 10 22:37:29 UTC 2012

For comparison with June and to follow Roger's example, here's my May
status report.

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I fixed the following bugs in May: 

Exec Summary of Trac Tickets:

I designed a volunteer TBB testing program. We're still working out the
bumps, but I'm pretty confident that we'll be able to keep the overhead
at the level of "one email + an scp" for Erinn. I fixed several very
serious Tor Browser bugs, including a DNS leak, a disk leak, an
evercookie leak, and I released a Torbutton 1.4.6 using an offline
update signing key (no more remote code exec through arbitrary CA

I also bumped the Torbutton useragent, clear search+find boxes on New
Identity, perform the TBB versioncheck regularly in the background,
updated the captcha redirect to startpage, fixed a window sizing issue,
synced some important Torbutton and TBB prefs with eachother, and did
some review + made some suggestions for Torbirdy.

Most notably from a support perspective, Torbutton 1.4.6 informs users
about TBB, and is no longer togglable (though you can re-enable toggle
if you uncheck a checkbox in the prefs).

Non-Trac Tasks:

I helped with the tor core interview process, determining stages,
reviewing resumes and phone screening candidates, and helping Nick with
the third round coding question. (20 points).

I reviewed a handful of trac tickets and did some triage. (3 points).

I made a first pass at a patch to detect path bias (2 points).

I reviewed another silly website fingerprinting attack paper. (2

I spent a fair amount of time on email. It seems like it comes down to
about 6 points per week on average, with the exception of this last
week, where I spent an additional 16 points arguing about volunteer
processes and the benefits of involving the community in our work. (6*4
+ 16 = 40 points).

Time keeping notes:

I did 40 points of trac-recorded development activity this month. I did
67 points of non-trac work this month.

That's a total of 107 points, which is roughly 214 hours, give or take
about 20 hours for rounding error. I really failed at timeboxing work in
the last week, which is I think why this number is so high compared to
last month.

Trac workload stats:

I closed 14 tickets of major priority or above, yet there are still
currently 50 tickets of major priority or above opened against me. This
is one less than the number of tickets last month! I'm still making
steady progress at a rate of 1 major+ ticket per month (same rate as
last month)! I'll be done with them all in just a scant 50 more months!


Next Month:

Exec Summary:

Fix TBB fingerprinting and linkability issues, updating the TBB design
doc, rebase Tor Browser to Firefox 10.x ESR, publish the relay best
practices doc + scripts, write a build security proposal outline, work
on the path bias issue. Probably also help smooth out tor-qa process a
bit more.

Mike Perry

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Mike Perry
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