[tor-dev] Tomas' June 2012 status report

Tomás Touceda chiiph at torproject.org
Tue Jul 10 22:59:00 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

Here's what I did for Vidalia in June:
- Reviewed a series of patches from other people: TorrcPrototype
implementation and some Torrc parsing fixes by feroze, the testing
framework by sebb, up to date country code/flags handling by sirop, a
Network Map stream traffic patch by an anonymous contributor.
- Improved Network Map by adding Entry/ExitNode handling, better display
of relays in the router list, better handling of microdescriptors,
improved performance in loading the whole router list, solved a couple
of crashes with certain edge cases.
- Fixed a couple of bugs regarding default values with DataDirectory.
- Improved bridge handling usability a little bit.
- I spent a couple of days trying to understand better qtscriptgenerator
so we can improve the plugin engine.
- I did a lot of testing in general and helped Erinn with the new
configurations for TBB.

Most of my work on June and on will be on the alpha branch, since it'll
be tagged as stable in not too long.

Regarding Vidalia Plugins:
- I did a lot of testing of the TorControl interface, now that Vidalia
uses the automatically generated extension by qtscriptgenerator. The
idea is to use this tool to create interfaces for everything we need.

I also helped Feroze with his GSoC goals. As he has said in his reports
in here, he's been working in the HiddenService configuration plugin.
Vidalia alpha doesn't have that tab in its configuration because it was
pretty problematic, so we decided to move it to a plugin.


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