[tor-dev] want to contribute to tor

adrelanos adrelanos at riseup.net
Mon Dec 24 13:02:20 UTC 2012

Debamitro Chakraborti:
> Hi,
> I am a C/C++ programmer wanting to dabble in the world of open source. I
> got to know of Tor and I felt the product is an important one for humanity.
> I have downloaded, built and run tor and also torsocks. Are there any
> coding tasks needed in tor at present? Do let me know.
> Regards,
> Debamitro Chakraborti


perhaps solving the ticket "add http proxy support to Tor"?

Or working on torsocks maybe?

At the moment the torsocks input methods are a bit weird. The and
usewithtor, torify and uwt wrappers should be be redundant.


The uwt interface could be extended to a point where all settings which
can be defined in the config file can also be defined by command line.
And if that's too much, an option to supply the configuration file by
command line would help as well.

Interface could look like this:

Usage: torsocks [-h] [-v] -t server_type -i ip -p port <command>
Example: torsocks -t 5 -i -p 9050 wget
         sudo torsocks -t 5 -i -p 9104 /usr/bin/apt-get
--yes dist-upgrade

The list of other torsocks issues also looks reasonable small.



And if I am not mistaken, Vidalia is currently lacking development.


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