Translated manpages

Roger Dingledine arma at
Mon May 24 09:00:57 UTC 2010

On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 10:41:17AM +0200, Runa A. Sandvik wrote:
> > Currently tor-manual-dev.wml should be the man page for Tor 0.2.2.x.
> > You can find it in the latest git head under doc/tor.1.txt, and you
> > can convert it to html using the combination of git and asciidoc commands
> > you find in tor-manual-dev.wml.
> >
> > Currently tor-manual.wml should be the man page for Tor 0.2.1.x. Since
> > Tor 0.2.1.x doesn't use asciidoc, you can convert doc/ in the
> > maint-0.2.1 git branch using man2html (as you see in tor-manual.wml).
> I noticed that they are not actually the same, even though it may look
> that way. For the translations, I will create one tor-manual.po and
> one tor-manual-dev.po (in addition to po files for the remaining three
> manpages).

Our translators might like us more if we don't make them duplicate a
lot of work for these two po files, which will be mostly the same.

I wonder if that means we should just ask them to translate the
tor-manual-dev one. Or I wonder if there's a way to take the strings
and combine them into a single po file for translation. Or to have
pootle automatically recognize when two strings in two po files got
the same translations, and fill in the other one as a hint.

> > A good question. I think a fine first try is to make a
> > and in the website root (to go with the
> > .en ones), and then people who click on the 'Handbuch' links from
> > will get the German version.
> I have that working already, and the only remaining questions is what
> we should do with the rest of the translated manpages. I guess we
> could find a way to include them on the website, in the same way we
> include the manpage for Tor 0.2.2.x and 0.2.1.x.

Right. What exactly are "the rest of the translates manpages"? Are these
all translations of the main tor man page, or are the other man pages
translated too?


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