[or-cvs] r12599: more progress on the geoip proposal (tor/trunk/doc/spec/proposals)

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Thu Dec 6 15:24:22 UTC 2007

On Mon, Dec 03, 2007 at 09:46:13PM +0000, Robert Hogan wrote:
> That said, tt would be just an extra three bytes per status (including the 
> space) if you were  to provide country code, roughly 4-5K at current volumes. 
> If country code is enough for the near future then this might be the way to 
> go. The x-y co-ordinates could then be an opt field in the network-status 
> document, if a client needs them.

Right, but that doesn't solve one of the main goals here: being able to
do private lookups on addresses that aren't in the main directory.

(I don't actually care much about being able to do path selection by
country. But I do want to make sure that whatever design I pick here
doesn't preclude doing that later.)

> Given that bw is something to conserve, perhaps a few wasteful bytes from the 
> network-status could be removed for 0.2, e.g.. the '-'  and ':' in the date 
> and time stamps. Maybe the status flags could be abbreviated? These two alone 
> would make enough room for country code and co-ordinates! ;-) I know what a 
> hack that would be to code around, but...

Compression (nearly) does this for free. Certainly enough that I don't
want to get messy with it. :)


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