Tor Ipv6-Patch (V4)

Marcus Wolschon - Wolschon Softwaredesign Marcus at
Sat Dec 8 12:48:54 UTC 2007

Karsten Loesing schrieb:
> Hi Marcus,
> - You changed encoding of v2 hidden service descriptors, so that
> introduction points can be addressed via IPv6 in
> rend_encode_v2_intro_points(), but I think you did not change parsing of
> those descriptors, so that descriptors containing introduction points
> with IPv6 addresses would be rejected; see
> rend_decrypt_introduction_points().

Hello Karsten,
I think I fixed that.

Hello Nick,
>  - You're right that the preferred way to store addresses that could be
>    either IPv4 or IPv6 is indeed with tor_addr_t.  (Thanks for the
>    reminder, BTW: I fixed tor_addr_t to be a tagged union of in_addr and
>    in6_addr, not of sockaddr_in and sockaddr_in6.)

I changed much of it to tor_addr_t. It looks much better.

>  - Generally speaking, we try to avoid duplicated "cut and paste" code;
>    it makes it hard to be sure that we can update all instances of the
>    original code path.  (connection_or_init_conn_from_address6, for
>    example, is almost exactly the same as the existing
>    connection_init_conn_from_address.)

that one is gone now. Thanks for the info.

As for the changed log-strings. I removed them manually
from the diff. I hope patch can still work with it.

I did test the code and it can connect normally to the
ipv4-internet and to the ipv6-hidden-service.


 Marcus Wolschon
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