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Celeste S. [jaruga] jaruga at dial.ga
Tue Jun 12 20:57:05 UTC 2018

Hello folks!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic beginning to the week.

I recently reviewed the English Tor Wikipedia page as per our conversation at the last meeting. All and all, it was accurate; there were probably some parts that were understated and others that were overstated, but there was nothing too glaring. I'm not sure who will be dealing with the changes, but I can chat with them as well if further information is needed.

I did have a few suggestions, though they mostly pertain to formatting and elaborating on existing content:

1. 'Tor Browser' header could use a more concise explanation and feature list

2. 'Third party applications' subheader could use some loving as you can see

3. 'Levels of Security' header - why is this a million miles below the browser section? Could use revisions as well

4. 'Tor Messenger' bar should be removed - as it's no longer current or reccomended, it would be better to not showcase it any longer.

If anyone had opinions or additions to this list feel free to mention them!

Thanks a lot, see you all tomorrow. 😊

-- jaruga
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