[tbb-dev] Roadmaps and funding moving forward.

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Fri Sep 22 15:05:16 UTC 2017

Hello everyone!

I wanted to have a little follow up on this. First thanks for checking
the pad and adding stuff there.

> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/FJWrnBf1SXemGKhOK_Wxwl57BVlj0Ynjn8lXcjFO_k8

I was wondering if we could take some time on Monday's meeting to talk
about this part:

* "New identity for this site" / new identity for every search
* Support more locales
* UX improvements
  ** simplifying security UI (Security Slider, NoScript, Click-to-play)
  ** Hiding or simplifying parts of about:preferences and other footguns
  ** Fixing performance problems such as connecting to websites
  ** Improve circuit display (guards, explanations, etc.)
  ** Improving fonts (whitelisted and bundled)
  ** acquisition ux work - download process and get connected to the
network (tor launcher)
  ** user onboarding ux work - about:tor page
  ** adblocker (such as uBlock Origin)

The reason why is that I am working on getting a designer to work with
Linda. For that we need to present the tasks this person will be working
on with the UX team. I want these tasks to be what you have on your
roadmap where ux folks will be working with you.

Right now at the pad we have some 'brain dump' that I need to flash out
so I can better communicate what tasks they will be working with TB team.

So, these are the things I would like us to do on Monday (if possible).

1. Organize these user problems by areas an user goes through from
learning about the product till using it (and hopefully with frequency ;)

This will help communicate what is the goal of fixing that problem, some
folks must have seen the typical user funnel graphs[1] with the stages
the user goes till they are active users of a product. For Tor, I think
of those like this:

a) awareness

For me this is from when the user does a search online for our site, is
able to see our site, is able to learn how to download Tor Browser.

note: that are many user problems in this path - some we can control
some we can't like censorship to our site (but we can still provide some
help in these cases)

b) acquistion

Here starts from the user ability of installing Tor Browser, starting
the application, and then being able to connect to the Tor network and
use it to browse a site.

note: I guess you know 20K problems that exist here heheh

c) retention

Our goal here is to create the habit of using Tor Browser. How you do
it? One way is by enabling the user to customized their experience
according to their needs (security slider, noscript configurations).
Another thing that influences these decisions to be able to customize
your experience is to understand what is going on. So user education
(specially 'in app, at moment, learning moments') is very important.

We get this by investing on user onboarding, on identifying
opportunities to create a 'learning moment' which can be a pop-out
teaching something new to the user, it also can be better experience on
how to configure settings to enable this customization.

The more the user can tailor their experience to their needs, specially
while having awareness of what those decisions means regarding
security/privacy while using Tor Browser. The higher will be our chances
to have them building the habit of using TB.

After these areas, normally the industry has something like
'resurrection', how to get back the people you loose. We don't have that
because we don't track people. Our only way to convince someone we lost
to give another try is by continuously telling the world about the
improvements we are doing :) and maybe they will hear and give us
another shot hehehe anw, you get the point.

I would like us to think of ux work in these fronts, and try to organize
those tasks under these areas.

Then if possible attach some tickets to the tasks/work we are listing.
This will help me have an idea of the problem we are trying to fix.

My personal deadline for the design thing is oct 4th. That is why I
would like to do this on Monday's meeting. This exercise will help me a lot!



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