[tbb-dev] Roadmaps and funding moving forward.

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Sep 12 13:10:42 UTC 2017

Hello Tor Browser team,

as we approach Montreal's meeting and teams will be creating their
roadmap for the months between meetings (till winter 2018 meeting). I
would like to present you a new way of relationship we are building
between teams work and our funding.

Tor is trying to get out of the 'deliverable' funding  model, which is
mostly used with the current gov grants we have. We are working to shift
to funding opportunities that follows a different model, more focus on
the execution of the vision of our mission than on specific deliverables.

It will take some time till we have a significant part of our fund to
come from this type. But we have already started to seek for these
opportunities and some teams will start to shift to this model.

Another thing related to this model are reports. We will still keep our
work organized and have tickets associated with every item on the
roadmap so we can easily tell what happened with each task. Since it is
a model focus more on the execution of the vision of our mission, our
accomplishments from our roadmap is what we are reporting as they are
driving us towards our mission.

With this said, the Tor Browser 'desktop' team is one that is starting
on this model. So for the roadmap exercise in Montreal you will have
some freedom when creating it. I am saying 'some' because there are
tasks you can't really ignore like keeping up with ESR releases from

I am listing here some areas of work that the team can consider tasks
for the roadmap, please add more if you have any. This is just a way to
start our brainstorming process for Montreal:

 * keep up with ESR releases
 * acquisition ux work - download process and get connected to the
network (tor launcher)
 * user onboarding ux work - about:tor page
 * fingerprinting
 * selfrando
 * sandboxing
 * release infra

We can use this pad to document ideas for the roadmap:



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