[tbb-dev] [roadmap process] follow up with other teams

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Nov 20 14:08:00 UTC 2017

> Hi Tor Browser team!
> This Friday Nov 17 is the when the 'chatting' time ends and we start
> with execution.
> This is just symbolic, of course you will not stop talking with other
> people! But hopefully by this Friday you and the teams who wrote
> questions related to the Tor Browser team roadmap, has either addressed
> them and all is good, or made a plan on how to stay in touch as you work
> on stuff.

Alright, I've updated the roadmap trying to take additional concerns
into account and making it less terse. You can (still) find it on:


We should talk about it in our meeting tomorrow and discuss things that
do not make sense or should be done differently.

One item is still missing: the .onion UX improvements the network-team
would like to see. This will be discussed in a meeting which will very
likely be held on Wed, Nov 22, 1900 UTC in #tor-meeting. Feel free to
drop by and participate. The pad for that one is:


Oh, while going over the roadmap again I realized that Mozilla moved
their release date for ESR 59 (and other releases next year): it is now
scheduled to get out one week later on March 13, 2018 which means during
our dev meeting. Fun times.


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