[tbb-dev] Resolving file url handling issues

Yuki S kawauso at riseup.net
Tue Nov 14 19:09:57 UTC 2017

Hi, I'll be brief

What is the stance on fixing the issues (pre/post). How optimistic is it
that the bug can be fixed by Mozilla in a reasonable amount of time? Is
it really a priority (as Mozilla pushes Quantum) when the issue
primarily impacts groups like the TPO community who need a proxy shared
on a multi-process design (rhetorical maybe), and doesn't impact the
(current) target audience. Mozilla already matches donations so I wonder
if it would be fair unless this is a bug not originally present in
Mozilla's recent e10 re-architecture. The latest TPO could expect to
transition to any Quantum code is July 2018, and earliest in March.

>From looking at tickets, and comments in the blog, 2 tickets which
reference post-workaround issues are 24243, 24136. So I wonder if it
would be worth it to fix the original design issue, which might impact
TBB users until mid-2018, or wait for Mozilla to (maybe) fix a flaw that
primarily impacts TPO community.

I do realize it's not a huge priority for core-developers though.

Thanks folks

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