[tbb-dev] [roadmap process] follow up with other teams

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Mon Nov 13 00:12:59 UTC 2017

Hi Tor Browser team!

This Friday Nov 17 is the when the 'chatting' time ends and we start
with execution.

This is just symbolic, of course you will not stop talking with other
people! But hopefully by this Friday you and the teams who wrote
questions related to the Tor Browser team roadmap, has either addressed
them and all is good, or made a plan on how to stay in touch as you work
on stuff.

I am sending a similar note to all teams.

I also would like to call your attention to Services and UX Team
roadmaps that were added to the pad:

If you have questions for them, there is an section for them at the
questions pad:

Finally, below are the questions other teams wrote to Tor Browser team,
please take a look at them and follow up with whatever is necessary:

Questions/Comments for Tor Browser (mobile and desktop) roadmap:

[Network] These descriptions are pretty terse; we may have missed something.

[Network] Can you put anything on your roadmap about Rust build adoption?
[GeKo: It's not explicitly there yet as this is done during the ESR 59
transition. And the important part where we usually adapt the toolchains
to the new ESR requirements starts in March when the roadmap ends. That
said we could think about starting earlier this time for the tor case.]
[NM: I'd recommend that you start getting Rust build experience ahead of
schedule to identify issues.]

[Network] Can you say more about "QA infrastructure" and "release
process planning"?  How do they affect us?

[Network] Should our improvements to bootstrap UX be on your radar?
[GeKo: They should. And I looked over the items on the network team map]

[Network] Should our improvements to mobile app development API be on
your radar?

[Network] Please remember to start testing our outputs sooner than you
need them: it's easier to fix problems the earlier we find out about them!

[Community] We should have regular checkins about support (actually as
I'm typing this I see that you flagged it under our roadmap too).

[OONI] When will the new launcher UI be shipped?

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