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Dearest OTFundies, Torish Ooniites, and M-Labysians,


We've finished `Milestone B` of our `Ooni Release Engineering`
contract with `Open Technology Fund`_, which is concerned with
spelling out a clear release and deployment process for both M-Lab
people and Tor people.  This is the second out of six milestones.

.. _`Open Technology Fund`: https://www.opentechfund.org/

Release & Deployment Documentation

The heart of the work is in `our ooni-support README.md edits`_ to
`the official ooni-support repository`_ (see `ooni-support Pull
Request 36`_).  Our hope is that someone new to the project who *does
not interact closely* with the Ooni dev team can still deploy
successfully on the M-Lab slice, which we believe makes the overall
deployment more robust and flexible.

.. _`our ooni-support README.md edits`:
.. _`the official ooni-support repository`:
.. _`ooni-support Pull Request 36`:

We were glad to see that there is already a well written `Ooni Release
Procedure`_ for distributing well tested and packaged Ooni releases.
This specification includes a link to test coverage, package signing,
and target platforms.  We've suggested two improvements in a
`versioning specification ticket`_ and a `release planning
specification ticket`_.  Additionally, this document alludes to M-Lab
acceptance criteria but there is no link, so we've documented that
need in `a ticket for M-Lab acceptance criteria`_.

.. _`Ooni Release Procedure`:
.. _`versioning specification ticket`:
.. _`release planning specification ticket`:
.. _`a ticket for M-Lab acceptance criteria`:


All of our effort for this `Milestone B` is embodied in issue tickets
or pull requests in these places:

* the main Tor issue tracker `Ooni component tickets`_, and a narrower
query for `only issues filed by Least Authority`_, and
* and `the official ooni-support repository`_.

.. _`Ooni component tickets`:

.. _`only issues filed by Least Authority`:

For example, here are `the tickets in ooni-support for Milestone B`_
which this email summarizes.

.. _`the tickets in ooni-support for Milestone B`:

Ticketing Conventions

We've adopted several conventions in `the official ooni-support
repository`_ issue tracker which the M-Lab and Ooni engineers should
be aware of.  We've added labels for our contractual milestones of the
form ``LeastAuthority X`` where X is ``A - F``, such as `the tickets
in ooni-support for Milestone B`_.  It's important to distinguish the
Least Authority contractual milestones, which these labels are
associated with, from the `Github Milestone` feature.  We use the
latter for general engineering goals or topical areas, as seen in `the
ooni-support github milestone list`_.

.. _`the ooni-support github milestone list`:

We've just started adding labels to indicate requests or blocking on
M-Lab or Ooni input.  Currently there is only `the M-Lab label`_ but
we have not yet updated older tickets with this new convention.  The
``LA - Close Me`` label is for our own (internal) review process.

.. _`the M-Lab label`:

Let us know if you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions.

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