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Christian me at rndm.de
Fri Jan 10 11:37:40 UTC 2014

On 10.01.2014 11:57, Earl G wrote:
> drupal is way to bloated wordpress way too insecure. and neither of
> them are downloadable as they are db based.
> i am assuming that anyone who is going to edit the blog will have a
> basic understanding of html
> As the site needs to be portable as in downloadable, pdfable and
> made to run offline.
> Is there any reason it cant be built in html?
> a webmaster can update it and push out new pages.
> i know this goes against scaling and there will be argument that it
> should be ruby or jekyll or octopus or whatever garbage is in
> fashion at the moment.
> "Jekyll is basically a set of markdown files you edit in a text
> editor and then they're rendered in the browser as valid HTML by
> the generator (liquid, I thin" seems to be it solves a problem that
> dosent exist.

Jekyll generates HTML that can be put on any server that serves static

The advantage of Jekyll is that you can define templates and includes
that simplify your development work and reduce repetition in your code.

Using markdown, textile or another text to html generators, helps
content creators to write their texts without having to worry about html.
It's rendered into your jekyll template and stored as a simple html file.

In the end you have to distribute the generated html, images and css
files and nothing more.


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