[ux] UX team January 2018 report

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Feb 13 21:56:15 UTC 2018

The UX team is cooking with gas in 2018!!

We did a lot of work this January, and are preparing to share a lot with
the community during the Rome Meeting.  Keep an eye on the meeting
schedule to know when and what o/ We will also be at IFF doing user
testing on March 6 (at the tabling thing they will have) from 2-4pm.

Here is some really cool stuff we did in January:

User Testing in India

- Helped organize Tor Meetup Mumbai 18 - together with Sukhbir and Tor
community folks.

- At the Mumbai Meetup we did somem user testing of .onion services and
Tor Launcher
    Tests methodology and scripts can be found here:

- We now have our own survey tool which was deployed and tested at
meetup in Mumbai
    This tool will be very useful to collect user feedback.
    https://survey.torproject.org (also exist as a .onion service!)


- Our styleguide is done! https://styleguide.torproject.org
- We also added icons we created for metrics team to it - see ticket
#24664 for more info.
- Next is to tell the world it exist!

Support Portal
- Desktop UX/UI is done. Waiting for translations.
- Support mockups for Mobile are on development ->
- Support portal coding 90% completed. Fixing usability issues and bugs

Comms Portal
- We start to design our community.torproject.org portal, you can find
links to our mocks at the ticket #24133

Collaboration with other teams

Tor Browser
- #24918 was updated with some suggestions on how to present the new
location of Circuit Display on Tor Browser desktop.
    (this work is still in progress and we are doing another round in Feb)
- We worked with the Tor Browser team on the UI for Moat on Tor
Launcher, more at #24696
- Tor Browser 7.5 was released!!!!
    Major UI updates on this release, check out the blog post with gifs
(if you haven't seem it in your browser yet!! and you should update it
then :P)

- Worked with irl on icons for metrics team to use to communicate what
the data is about, This is now deployed.

Comms team
- Created some covers for Comms <3

Gracias y hasta la proxima o/

UX Team

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