[ux] UX team triage meeting tomorrow and other team stuff!

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Mon Nov 13 22:33:37 UTC 2017

Hello there,

tomorrow (Tues, Nov 14) is our triage meeting at 1600 UTC at
#tor-meeting irc channel.

Last triage meeting we organized tasks for Nov and Dec related to the
work to build the support.tpo site.

And on Wed at the UX Team meeting we add more stuff and drafted our roadmap:


(which we still have some steps to add)

For tomorrow lets check on the items for November at the roadmap and see
if how we feel about it - if its looking good to complete them.

We also have some action items from our UX roadmap meeting:

1) reach out to metrics team to learn more about atlas being part of
metrics site
2) add SIDA tasks that are missing
3) add stephw/comms as reviewer/dependencies for ux team on website
redesign tasks
4) antonela create research tickets
5) isa update roadmap with tickets

I hope to have all the tickets created for the website redesign project
by tomorrow at our meeting so we can review them together etc.

I also hope to have some ideas of how to organize things moving forward
which I plan on sharing more tomorrow.


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