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Kat Hanna kat at paip.net
Mon Oct 10 22:47:21 UTC 2016

There will not be video, unfortunately.


On Mon, 10 Oct 2016, isis agora lovecruft wrote:

> Hello Tor Teachers!
> I will be giving a talk on my work and research for Tor this Thursday at the
> University of Waterloo.  I'm not sure yet if there will be video, but (as
> always) my slides will be available.
> This talk is probably less reuseable for general purpose teaching material,
> but may prove interesting to some of our more techno- or crypto- curious relay
> operators and contributors.
> Should I add an announcement to the calendar thing on the blog?  Does anyone
> ever actually look at that thing?
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>> Ian Goldberg transcribed 0.3K bytes:
>>> Isis, Harry,
>>> Here are your speaking slots:
>>> Thursday, Oct 13, 1:30pm--2:30pm: Isis Lovecruft
>>> Friday, Oct 14, 11:00am--noon: Henry de Valence
>>> Please send along a title/abstract/bio for each of your talks, and we'll
>>> announce them.
>>> Thanks, and see you (again) next week!
>>>    - Ian
>> Hey Ian,
>> Here's the title, abstract, and bio.
>> _________
>> Bio: Isis Agora Lovecruft has been a core developer for The Tor Project since
>> 2010, whose current work includes protocols for distributing shared secrets in
>> a censorship resistant manner, improvements to Tor's circuit-level
>> cryptography, and contributing to the design and implementation of a new
>> post-quantum hybrid handshake for Tor.
>> Title: Hacks and Improvements for Tor's Circuit-Layer Crypto
>> Abstract: Since 2010, various nation state adversaries have been conducting
>> active probing and enumeration attacks to attempt to collect all of Tor's
>> bridges, the unpublished entrances to the Tor network which are used to
>> circumvent online censorship.  Since then, an arms race to distribute the
>> bridge addresses to honest clients without these adversaries obtaining them
>> has ensued.  The proposed solution uses attribute-based credentials to record
>> honest users' good behaviour (i.e. the bridges not being censored/blocked),
>> which also serves to effectively lock censoring adversaries out of the
>> distribution system.  Even with these measures being implemented, there are
>> other schemes for discovering the locations of Tor bridges; these will be
>> discussed, as well as a hack that can be done with Tor's circuit-layer
>> cryptography to protect against it.  After that, I'll discuss a known tagging
>> attack on Tor and a much-needed (and highly custom) authenticating encryption
>> cipher to defend against it, as well as the design for a post-quantum hybrid
>> Tor handshake I've been working on.
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