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Hello Tor Teachers!

I will be giving a talk on my work and research for Tor this Thursday at the
University of Waterloo.  I'm not sure yet if there will be video, but (as
always) my slides will be available.

This talk is probably less reuseable for general purpose teaching material,
but may prove interesting to some of our more techno- or crypto- curious relay
operators and contributors.

Should I add an announcement to the calendar thing on the blog?  Does anyone
ever actually look at that thing?

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> Ian Goldberg transcribed 0.3K bytes:
> > Isis, Harry,
> > 
> > Here are your speaking slots:
> > 
> > Thursday, Oct 13, 1:30pm--2:30pm: Isis Lovecruft
> > Friday, Oct 14, 11:00am--noon: Henry de Valence
> > 
> > Please send along a title/abstract/bio for each of your talks, and we'll
> > announce them.
> > 
> > Thanks, and see you (again) next week!
> > 
> >    - Ian
> Hey Ian,
> Here's the title, abstract, and bio.
> _________
> Bio: Isis Agora Lovecruft has been a core developer for The Tor Project since
> 2010, whose current work includes protocols for distributing shared secrets in
> a censorship resistant manner, improvements to Tor's circuit-level
> cryptography, and contributing to the design and implementation of a new
> post-quantum hybrid handshake for Tor.
> Title: Hacks and Improvements for Tor's Circuit-Layer Crypto
> Abstract: Since 2010, various nation state adversaries have been conducting
> active probing and enumeration attacks to attempt to collect all of Tor's
> bridges, the unpublished entrances to the Tor network which are used to
> circumvent online censorship.  Since then, an arms race to distribute the
> bridge addresses to honest clients without these adversaries obtaining them
> has ensued.  The proposed solution uses attribute-based credentials to record
> honest users' good behaviour (i.e. the bridges not being censored/blocked),
> which also serves to effectively lock censoring adversaries out of the
> distribution system.  Even with these measures being implemented, there are
> other schemes for discovering the locations of Tor bridges; these will be
> discussed, as well as a hack that can be done with Tor's circuit-layer
> cryptography to protect against it.  After that, I'll discuss a known tagging
> attack on Tor and a much-needed (and highly custom) authenticating encryption
> cipher to defend against it, as well as the design for a post-quantum hybrid
> Tor handshake I've been working on.

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