[tor-teachers] wiki updates

Alison Macrina macrina at riseup.net
Thu Oct 15 00:39:00 UTC 2015

Dylan Cooper:
>>> I'm not entirely sure how to incorporate all the material here [2]. If
>>> some rad person wants to review those materials and see what can be
>>> incorporated on our wiki, that would be helpful!
> I can, I'm sure others saw this and already hopped to it as well. General
> question: would the tor-project irc be the most relevant place for
> tor-teachers stuff?

For what stuff exactly?
>>> Some tags that I think we need to add: user proficiency level, user
>>> group, what kinds of materials are contained (slides, graphics,
>>> articles, video, etc). Anything else we need to add?
> Is user group similar to target audience? If so, do y'all see value in I
> guess "sub-dividing" based on category, to better tailor to audience? E.g.,
> students vs. corporate employees vs. public sector? (This might be a stupid
> question, sorry)

Yeah, target audience! And I don't think it needs to be subdivided,
because much of it will overlap. But tags would be cool.

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