[tor-talk] Operation Onymous against hidden services, most DarkNet markets are down

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Fri Nov 7 19:56:46 UTC 2014

On 11/8/14, Zenaan Harkness <zen at freedbms.net> wrote:
> On 11/8/14, Derric Atzrott <datzrott at alizeepathology.com> wrote:
>>> obvious cointelpro:
>> Could you please stop calling people that. Its rude.
> As rude as it may be, is it wise to keep people alert and on their
> toes, rather than lolled into a false sense of 'perceived security'?
> Think if you yourself had 'something important' to communicate with
> the world, and you came here and everyone patted everyone else on the
> back and agreed that a Tor HS would provide all you need and implied
> that everyone on this list can be trusted - is how you'd like to be
> treated?
> I'd rather stay paranoid and safe.
 s/safe/possibly a bit safer/


Banned for life from Debian, for suggesting Debian's CoC
is being swung in our faces a little too vigorously.

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