[tor-talk] DogecoinDark Cryptocurrency is now fully dark using Tor

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Sun Nov 2 02:50:24 UTC 2014

Please stop doing masked advertising to this mail list.

What makes a client sure that DogecoinDark software protects them against
malicious peers feeding them scrambled data? What are the protections?

Why the hell would someone use DogecoinDark anyway? Who si that dumb? Tor
community is not a suitable target for cheap scams using altcoins. Users
here are much more smarter than that.

DogecoinDark is yet another altcoin appeared like a mushroom after the
rain, with no solid background and no academic research, designed to make
someone rich over night for a thing which very well might fail (and it
will). If anyone would use a cryptocurrency, they will use Bitcoin for so
many reasons, starting with technical specification which is much better
researched and understood by academics and developers (ECDSA, SHA256) and
the enormous sum invested in mining hardware as well as electricity bill
for these machines.

P.S. Rather than naming altcoins fancy (like dogecoin, dogecoindark,
dogecoinlight, DogecoinSpicy, DogeCoinSweet, DogeCoinSalted, FeatherCoin,
whatever (source http://coinmarketcap.com/), you should name them as:
makes it easier for people to make reference to them.

> Hey Guys,
> I'm associated with the DogeCoinDark project (I run one of the
> supernodes) and I just wanted to let everyone know that the coin is now
> fully dark and the super nodes accessible via Tor.
> If you have the DogecoinDark wallet software, you can instruct it to
> connect to the following Tor supernodes instead of the clearnet ones by
> placing the following lines into your DogeCoinDark.conf file.
> connect=dogedx7lb4ri7wwi.onion
> connect=dogedkxa6fjxbssx.onion
> connect=dogedzaikebne3va.onion
> connect=dogedfht4szfhv7s.onion
> connect=bmxto4gcy5u7pwic.onion
> connect=7gpe3lp3jpiufd54.onion
> If you don't have the DogecoinDark wallet, you can get it at
> http://dogecoindark.net/
> Just wanted to let everyone know. This is the last post I'll make about
> the topic. I won't be spamming the list.
> Cypher
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