[tor-talk] DogecoinDark Cryptocurrency is now fully dark using Tor

Артур Истомин art.istom at yandex.ru
Sun Nov 2 05:04:17 UTC 2014

On Sat, Nov 01, 2014 at 07:50:24PM -0700, BM-2cUqBqHFVDHuY34ZcpL3PNgkpLUEEer8ev at bitmessage.ch wrote:
> Please stop doing masked advertising to this mail list.
> What makes a client sure that DogecoinDark software protects them against
> malicious peers feeding them scrambled data? What are the protections?
> Why the hell would someone use DogecoinDark anyway? Who si that dumb? Tor
> community is not a suitable target for cheap scams using altcoins. Users
> here are much more smarter than that.
> DogecoinDark is yet another altcoin appeared like a mushroom after the
> rain, with no solid background and no academic research, designed to make
> someone rich over night for a thing which very well might fail (and it
> will). If anyone would use a cryptocurrency, they will use Bitcoin for so
> many reasons, starting with technical specification which is much better
> researched and understood by academics and developers (ECDSA, SHA256) and
> the enormous sum invested in mining hardware as well as electricity bill
> for these machines.
> P.S. Rather than naming altcoins fancy (like dogecoin, dogecoindark,
> dogecoinlight, DogecoinSpicy, DogeCoinSweet, DogeCoinSalted, FeatherCoin,
> whatever (source http://coinmarketcap.com/), you should name them as:
> scamcoin1
> scamcoin2
> scamcoin3
> scamcoin4[...]scamcoin150
> makes it easier for people to make reference to them.

Why so much negative emotions? :) Dogecoin one of three most famous
cryptocurrency. Or are you against cryptocurrency in general? 

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