[tor-talk] telephony after "just pay call" test

Rick Ross rickross at privatdemail.net
Mon Mar 24 10:44:33 UTC 2014

for communicating securily check out this tutorial by the Guardian Project:
However it won't allow you to phone numbers on the normal phone network.

Am 24.03.14 03:32, schrieb Poppa Jon:
> Greetings! Can VoIP calls, eg., with (2014) majack (magic jack or mj plu$),
> obi, ooma?, others or alternative be secure? It'd be wonderful to provide
> clear and secure phoning (say, on android, iOS, unix, BB?, windows, chrome
> and/or apple's os-s), especially at no cost or below rates of current
> providers. It'd support your org possibly too. I've thought of (apps exist)
> encrypted voice and decoding on either end too. This earlier concept,
> secure communication over net, came as I examined just pay phone apk and
> kept force closing upon "enter(ing) lawyer information" (phone number) in
> English version with every ani (phone #) I could think of. Examples:
> +19876543210, 1987654321 or 9876543210 ! Can you write a version also that
> uploads crash reports in shorter time periods than overnight? TY

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