[tor-talk] telephony after "just pay call" test

Poppa Jon yonsemite at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 02:32:30 UTC 2014

Greetings! Can VoIP calls, eg., with (2014) majack (magic jack or mj plu$),
obi, ooma?, others or alternative be secure? It'd be wonderful to provide
clear and secure phoning (say, on android, iOS, unix, BB?, windows, chrome
and/or apple's os-s), especially at no cost or below rates of current
providers. It'd support your org possibly too. I've thought of (apps exist)
encrypted voice and decoding on either end too. This earlier concept,
secure communication over net, came as I examined just pay phone apk and
kept force closing upon "enter(ing) lawyer information" (phone number) in
English version with every ani (phone #) I could think of. Examples:
+19876543210, 1987654321 or 9876543210 ! Can you write a version also that
uploads crash reports in shorter time periods than overnight? TY

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