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Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Fri Mar 14 16:22:43 UTC 2014

It probably won't allow 2 instances of Firefox (TBB) running at once.

You may be able to use the stand alone profile mgr for Firefox 
You'd have to add an entry in the profile mgr, to the location of TBB 
(firefox.exe).   So you can specify which Fx version to use w/ which 

Also have to create a new profile for TBB (in a location you choose), 
then launch TBB using that profile & do any modifications.
To use different TBB profiles, you'd have to launch the profile mgr each 
time (not a big deal).

Or, you could use the TBB / firefox ESR's native profile mgr, to create 
a 2nd, 3rd profile - perhaps? in same general location, but different 
Then you'd have to use one of the profile mgrs to select the profile to 
start each time.  Unless, most times you only use one - then it can be 
the default profile & only when needing a non-default profile would you 
need to start profile mgr to select that profile.

On any of these, it's a possibility you may have to manually edit 
profiles.ini (in Windows path:  Tor Browser\Data\Browser\profiles.ini.)

On 3/14/2014 10:30 AM, muhammed gokce wrote:
> Thanks, but copy the browser and trying to open it twice doesn't work.
> I wan't different tor browsers(profiles). Like you kan make it in firefox.
>> Op 14 mrt. 2014 om 16:26 heeft "Rick Ross" <rickross at privatdemail.net> het volgende geschreven:
>> Unless you hope for a TOR dev to anwser you should just go ahead and try
>> it out as its not documented. It is probably either 16 or 32 bits which
>> would be around either 32.000 and about 2 milion.
>> In any case TOR should warn you if you have an invalid value set in your
>> config.
>> I believe (I dont know for sure) that there is already a specific
>> profile defined for your TOR session hence it wouldnt be wise to create
>> a different one.
>> Why dont you just copy the TOR browser folder and swap out the config
>> values you need in one copy.
>> Am 14.03.14 15:20, schrieb muhammed gokce:
>>> Hi, thanks for the help!
>>> I've got a few questions more, what is; does the TrackHostExistExpire a limit for the max. seconds, or can I put just 9999999 behind it ?
>>> And how can I make diffirent profiles in tor browser like firefox, in windows 7?
>>> Thanking you!
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