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muhammed gokce muhammed_gokce at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 14 15:30:47 UTC 2014

Thanks, but copy the browser and trying to open it twice doesn't work.

I wan't different tor browsers(profiles). Like you kan make it in firefox.

> Op 14 mrt. 2014 om 16:26 heeft "Rick Ross" <rickross at privatdemail.net> het volgende geschreven:
> Unless you hope for a TOR dev to anwser you should just go ahead and try
> it out as its not documented. It is probably either 16 or 32 bits which
> would be around either 32.000 and about 2 milion.
> In any case TOR should warn you if you have an invalid value set in your
> config.
> I believe (I dont know for sure) that there is already a specific
> profile defined for your TOR session hence it wouldnt be wise to create
> a different one.
> Why dont you just copy the TOR browser folder and swap out the config
> values you need in one copy.
> Am 14.03.14 15:20, schrieb muhammed gokce:
>> Hi, thanks for the help!
>> I've got a few questions more, what is; does the TrackHostExistExpire a limit for the max. seconds, or can I put just 9999999 behind it ?
>> And how can I make diffirent profiles in tor browser like firefox, in windows 7?
>> Thanking you!
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