[tor-talk] Tor DNS

CJ tor at tengu.ch
Thu Jul 31 12:52:13 UTC 2014

On 07/31/2014 02:45 PM, Lunar wrote:
> Mike Fikuart:
>> My thought was that [hiddenservice].onion would be dealt with by the
>> Tor NameServer to return the hostname (derived from public key).
> So if I understand correctly, you would like some entity to keep
> a directory of human memorizable names pointing to hidden service
> addresses.
> The problem is this entity will be subject to pression from many
> different actors. How should litigation over a unique name be handled?
> What if some state decides this site should be censored? This is not a
> very good place to be if you care about freedom of communication
> (vs. only making money).

Heya! Just jumping in there in order to point a post on tor-dev ML:

this approach may be really interesting, I think it deserve an answer
:). It bypasses the centralized "pressionable" entity, keeps anonymity
and so on.



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