[tor-talk] Questions about NSA monitoring of Tor users.

Patrick Schleizer adrelanos at riseup.net
Mon Jul 14 12:17:14 UTC 2014

Mark McCarron:
> With the US military it is a case of take your pick, from hypersonic
> delivery systems and satellite laser shields, to brain scanning and
> strong AIs, I suppose any one or all of them could qualify.
> Take a look at the US federal debt, even though the wars have been
> winding down, borrowing has increased exponentially:
> http://www.truthfulpolitics.com/images/us-federal-debt-by-president-political-party.jpg
>  Trillions are going somewhere, so whatever it is, it is big and they
> are willing to undermine the financial health of the nation to
> deliver it.

Nice graphic. Looks similar for any country! Exponential growth of
debts. But not because mainly more and more money is wasted, it is the
money system itself that is broken. One of the biggest frauds ever. Who
has the right to create fiat money out of nothing? How exactly does
money creation work? Why is it that almost all countries are indebted?
And those not indebted, have minor funds in comparison to others debt,
don't hold the balance that others owe to them. If you take a balance of
all governments worldwide, debts are exponentially growing. To whom do
they owe the money?

In the fiat money system, amount of money in circulation equals debts.
Yes, even if you personally don't have any debts, all paper and book
money is only in circulation, because someone else made a debt. Pay back
a loan, and money gets literally destroy. If everyone could pay back
their loan, there would be no more money in circulation. One problem
with this system is, someone earns interest for the money in circulation.

So I can only encourage you to learn about the money system. Get
information from official sources. Read different opinions on how to
interpret it. Then try to conclude if it is a fair system or a fraud
system where few get richer at expense of everyone else.


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